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To view and print all reports printed during night audit, you can use ETReportviewer.exe   This is especially helpful since some of the reports cannot be reprinted such as Final Post Room & Tax and Final Recap. 

If you are on a relatively new version of Execu/Suite, you already have this program.  It will be located in your ExecuTech hotel folder on your server, where your Execu/Tech programs and files are located.  If you do not know the location, see Find Software Application Folder.

If you do not have ETReportviewer.exe, click HERE to download ETReportviewer.ZIP.  Extract ETReportviewer.exe into your ExecuTech hotel folder.  If we are hosting your PMS, we will need to install it for you.

This application is easy to run but here are instructions in case you have a question.

 You can run the Report Viewer from your Night Audit menu or run it from the Hotel folder as shown below.
 Running from the Night Audit Menu:

Running from the Hotel folder:

 When the application opens, select a report date, select a report to print, and click View.  

To print the report, click the report name to print, and click Print.

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