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Accounts Payable Reports 

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Print Vendor Master Listing
Print Vendor Detail Report
Print Vendor Ageing / Cash Requirements
Print Vendor Labels
Print Vendors by Name
Print 1099's
Other Printouts

Print Vendor Master Listing

Select a vendor type to print (such as LIN or OWN) or press Enter to print all.

Each vendor will print with the following information:


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Print Detail Report

This report will print the invoice and payment transactions for the selected vendor type, date range, and vendors.

Answer each prompt as appropriate for the information you want.

Here is a sample:


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Print Vendor Ageing / Cash Requirements

This report shows vendors and the balances owed to them.  You also can print each unpaid invoice.  Paid invoices do not show on this report.  See Print Detail Report for that information.

You can print forward to see what you owe down the road.  You can print back dates to see what is past due.

Aging forward (future dates) will show what is due as of each of the dates you enter for the "Age" dates. 
Aging back (past dates) will show what was due as of each of the dates you enter for the "Age" dates.
You can leave the "Age" dates blank if you want a simple list of vendors owed and what is owed to them.

Check the appropriate options depending on the information you want on your report.

Sample report:

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Print Vendor Labels

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Print Vendors by Name


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Print 1099's

Each vendor to receive a 1099 should have the appropriate fields populated, as shown below, "Tax ID Number"; "Misc.", Individual"; and "1099 Group".  See the Vendor Setup section in A/P Setup  for details and explanations. 

Go to Accounts Payable - Print 1099's.  Fill in the information as prompted.

When the program has finished, a popup will let you know.

The report will print.  Note that this report only populates fields.  You will need to purchase or download the report form from the appropriate tax authority. 

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Other Printouts

The following printouts are discussed in the Accounts Payable Processing guide:

            Print and update transaction batch
            Print check edit
            Print checks
            Print check attachments
            Update and print contract payables 

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Training is available.  We offer both remote and on-site training.  Email us to request a quote.
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