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Guest Confirmation Letter Template

The Guest Confirmation Letter Template is an HTML document and must follow this naming convention:

email-conf-*.htm or .html
An example would be “email-conf-message1.htm”

Place the tag in the HTML template and it will be replaced with the data specified. It will use the same visual style as the tag, so if you want the text to be bold, make the tag bold. The tags must be entered exactly as they are shown, using the same case and surrounded by braces.

Tag Description Example
{GuestName} The guest’s full name. Smith, John
{GuestFName} The guest's first name. John
{GuestLName} The guest's last name. Smith
{GuestList} This is a list of guests currently attached to this scheduled activity. Smith, John
Wilson, Sarah
Jones, Kelly
{GroupLeaderLabel} This is the identifying label text for the Group Leader You are the designated Group Leader for this activity. 
Below is the list participating guests.
{Date} The current date. Tuesday, July 09, 2013
{Time} The current time. 3:35 PM
{ActName} The name of the activity. (From Activity Type setup) Massage – 1 Hour
{ActDescription} The description of the activity. (From Activity Type setup) This is a 1 hour massage.
{ActLocName} The name of the location. Spa Room 3
{ActLocDescription} The description of the location. 2nd room to the left in North wing.
{ActStartDate} Start Date of the appointment. Tuesday, July 09, 2013
{ActStopDate} Stop Date of the appointment. Tuesday, July 09, 2013
{ActStartTime} Start Time of the appointment. 4:00 PM
{ActStopTime} Stop Time of the appointment. 5:00 PM
{ActHours} Appointment duration hours. 1
{ActMinutes} Appointment duration minutes. (0 – 59) 0
{TotalCharge} The total charge for this guest. $65.00
{TotalPaid} The total amount paid by this guest. $65.00
{PaidReference} The reference for this payment. Paid by check
{PaidDate} The date and time the last payment was made. Tuesday, July 09, 2013 3:35 PM

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