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Common Questions

This article covers the following topics:

How do I refund a deposit or charge a no-show fee?

How do I increase a credit card preauthorization?

How do I fix guests showing up on the "Deposits Remaining for Cancellations and No-Show Report"?

Why did my Execu/Tech shortcut disappear?

Why is my hotel/company name missing from the top of my screen?

Why can I not log in?

Why do some transactions show the wrong date?

Why do I get a "class not registered" message?

Why is my availability off?

Why does night audit need to be done each night?

Why am I seeing a "guest record busy" or "reservation busy" message?

Why can I not reserve more than one room per reservation?

Why does my Room Types display show zero rooms when the Tape Chart shows available rooms?

Why is my print job going to the wrong printer?

Why do I need to keep my caps lock on?

What is a share-with?

What are the pre-defined, required, or restricted charge codes?

What are the pre-defined, required, or restricted payment codes?

What is a "clearing" code and why is it listed on the Final Recap?

What is the difference between "market segment" and "source of business"?

What is the difference between blocking rooms and soft blocking rooms for groups?  

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