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Activities represent what you'll be scheduling. These could be Spa Treatments, Hiking, Sight Seeing Tours, etc. Just about anything that needs to be scheduled and have guests and employees assigned.

There are a few items that go hand in hand with Activities. Categories, Locations, Units and Guest Extra Info all work together with Activities to provide more detailed and useful appointment tracking.

Add / Edit  -  These are the activity types that you will select when making an appointment. 
Categories   -  These are the categories into which each activity  and location will fall.
*The category of the location must match the category of the activity type or the locations will not be available when making an appointment.
Locations  -  These are the locations where the activity will take place. 
Units  -  These are units within the locations.
Guest Extra Info  -  These are additional pieces of information about each guest that are important to the activity.

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